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Songs of the Sea

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20th & 21st October 2018

Join us at The Spyglass Inn for Songs of the Sea this October.

You’ll be entertained with two days of live, local music. There’s a full menu, stunning specials board and of course great real ales and fine wines it’s an event that last all afternoon and into the evening too. It’s the perfect October pick-me-up and a great start to the half term holidays.

There’s free entry to the event and a Spyglass Special Beer Festival!

Live music

We are very pleased to announce the following acts will be playing over the weekend:

1400 – 1600: Double Hitch
1630 – 1730: Abacus
1800 – 2000: Pete’s Sake
2030 – 21:30: The Crew

1200 – 1400: Morris Dancing with music from The Chain Ferry Gang and Guith
1400 – 1500: Brighstone Barnacles
1500 – 1600: Guith
1600 – 1700: Mark & Ben Hickman
1745 – 1945: Hula Hulagans
2030 – 2130: The Dance Preachers

We will also have music from: Guiph, Mark & Ben Hickmen, Abacus, and there are still more to be announced. There will also be various Morris dancing groups over the weekend too to keep you entertained.

Beaujolais Day

Beaujolais Day

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Thursday 15th November

Possibly the world’s largest wine bash, Beaujolais Nouveau takes place on the third Thursday of November, this year falling on the 15th November. This is the date the Beaujolais Nouveau hits the shelves worldwide – retailers are not allowed to sell this year’s vintage before this date. Beaujolais is a wine region in Burgundy, France. For centuries, the wine was purely a local affair, not drank or respected elsewhere. Things changed in 1951 thanks to some very clever marketing that saw the vineyards cutting back on restrictions of when the newest vintages of Beaujolais wine could be released, to the middle of November. This wine was Beaujolais Nouveau (“New Beaujolais”). A new annual race was conjured up, to see who could get their Beaujolais Nouveau to the Paris markets first, and thus, the frenzy each year for the Beaujolais Nouveau was born. At precisely midnight, on the third Thursday of November every year, over a million cases of Beaujolais Nouveau begin a journey through France to Paris for shipment across the globe. It is now celebrated the world over with millions popping a cork in late November.

The Spyglass Inn have been celebrating this fine tradition virtually since the pub opened in 1988, making this year its 30th year!

The famous Beaujolais Breakfast combines a fine bottle of Beaujolais with a full English breakfast. This annual event has become a firm fixture in The Spyglass’ event calendar.

The atmosphere is decidedly Francais on the day, with the rare sight of the Tricolours flying high outside (and inside) the pub, French accordion music and even the option to indulge in a little bit French dressing-up if you fancy! If full on fancy dress is not your thing then just pop on a beret and your a striped shirt and you’re good to go!

Booking is absolutely essential and tickets can be purchased by calling 01983 855338.

Spyglass Accommodation

Top 10 pubs to stay in across the UK

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We are really pleased to share with you that The Spyglass Inn has been nationally recognised by The Daily Mail as one of the top 10 pubs to stay in across the UK.
We’re in good company with pubs included from locations such as North Yorkshire, Devon and Cornwall.
There’s no better way relax on holiday than with something tasty to eat, a pint in your hand and an amazing view. If you agree read on… call us on 01983 855338 for availability on our rooms and to book!

Celebrating 30 years!

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This year at The Spyglass we are celebrating our 30th Birthday! It was in 1988 that we first opened our doors to the public. You may wonder how we chose the name ‘The Spyglass’ well it was as simple as ideas were literally put into a hat and The Spyglass Inn was the lucky one that was pulled out!

Throughout our 30 years music has been central to The Spyglass Inn since the very first pint was pulled. Local live music has been on most nights of the week, with some of the original bands still playing regularly today. Local bands playing everything from jazz and blues, to folk and rock, have had the opportunity to play to an appreciative audience.

To celebrate our birthday we are inviting everyone down to The Spyglass between 22nd – 25th March! There will be great food, beer and of course live, local music to keep everyone entertained!

We can’t wait to see you all!

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Extend your stay

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Enjoying The Spyglass Inn doesn’t have to end when it’s time to go home.